Fresh Spring Southwest Lighting

There’s a buzz in the air and a new season is upon us. Get in the spirit with some Fresh Spring Lighting from The Southwest Store by Kiva Lighting.

The weather is warming up, the buds are blooming, and there’s a feeling of reawakening all around. The spring season is the perfect time to renew and refresh. From cleaning out the garage to updating your decor, spending a little time shaking winter out of your home will feel great.

For a quick fix some Fresh Spring Lighting can help your home get a sharp new look. Plus you won’t have to dust off the old fixtures. Ha! Here are some of our favorites.

Nothing says spring like a basket. And our Woven Metal Wall Sconce gets that look just right. These beautiful punched metal lights are handcrafted right here in New Mexico. The weaving design can be painted in numerous hand finished natural patinas. Or get creative and combine color options for a more custom style.

As the weather warms up, the fans will come on. The Ancient Sun Southwest Ceiling Fan features the timeworn sun symbol found in drawings, paintings, and pottery from all over the world. What a perfect way to pay homage to our natural environment while adding such a useful home accessory. The rustic chicness of this light will look great inside any room in your home.

The 3-Tier Pendant Light is another great option. Use it above an island or get inventive and place it in a corner above your favorite chair. They are handmade in Santa Fe, and like so many of our pieces they are highly customizable.

Spring in the Southwest is awesome. And we love to use this time to get Fresh Spring Lighting into people’s homes. Don’t worry if you’re not local, we offer free shipping on almost all our pieces.